Will You Go?

Would You Go?  

 I’m looking for those who are willing to just start, to move, to go. For I will be with them and teach them what to say, in and with the power of my most Holy Spirit. Don’t be concerned with the out come, I am not about numbers like man, I am about results. Results that take place in the heart, your heart.  I’m looking for a willing vessel, for my Kingdom. One who would shine the light of my glory upon the land. One who would go, just go in My name. Not worrying about the effects or what would happen, I determine the out come of all things. Nothing can thwart my plans, and all things are subject unto me. Just Go! And let me work through you, in you, to do great and marvelous things. Things beyond your imagination. And as I do, you will witness healing, healing for you, your family, the nations. Let me work out those things that are holding you back from my goodness. Those monumental idols that you and others have built, pain, fear, stress, anxiety. Allow me to break down the barriers of life’s afflictions, the heavy burdens that so weigh you down. My yolk is easy and my burden is light, so cast your cares upon me and I will give you rest. A rest that restores, renews, revives. Repairing your soul for the journey that I have set before you, to walk out your destiny call. 


Would You Go?

(Exodus 4:12)


Written by R.H.

Holy Spirit inspired


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