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Hephzibah House Of Prayer (New Website)

Hephzibah House Of Prayer (New Website)

Hello Friends and Family!

Hephzibah House Of Prayer has a new website! So to view more post and to find out

about our upcoming events come check out our site.

There also links to our online church ministry website where you can listen to podcast messages, blogs and devos at  and (there is a link to our main page as well on the HHOP site)

Bless You,

Rosemarie 🙂


Faith Takes Action


Faith Takes Action

Faith will cause you to be confident that God will fulfill His Word. A person of faith is hopeful about the future and lives a life filled with love for God and his neighbor.  Faith is both a message that communicates the truth about God and us, and is also the act of believing itself.  As a believer, always the object of our faith is God in Christ Jesus, as we trust Him through the saving Word in scripture.  Here are some of the Bibles faith filled believers who took action by faith. I hope that they will encourage you to keep moving forward.

By Faith:

Able: offered a better sacrifice than Cain.

Enoch: was a man who truly pleased God.

Noah: heard God’s warning and obeyed, building an ark despite ridicule.

Abraham: obeyed God by leaving his country, waited on the promised city, trusted God to be a father at an old age, and trusted and believed that God would raise his son Isaac from the dead.

Isaac: blessed the future of his sons Jacob & Esau.

Jacob: blessed each one of Joseph’s sons while dying.

Joseph: while dying, prophesied Egypt’s exodus.

Moses’ Parents: hid him 3 months.

Moses: when he grew up, chose to suffer with Gods people, refusing to be called the king of Egypt daughters’ son. He also spoke of the God no one could see, he prepared the Passover and spread blood on the doors so death would pass over.

The Israelites: crossed through the Red Sea. They also silently marched around the walls of Jericho and saw them fall down.

Rahab: welcomed the spies and found favor.

(You can also find these saints and many other stories written about collectively in Hebrews 11 and in the Bible)

Be blessed and walk by faith!