Who We Are

Our Mission

Our heart is to empower women to embrace a culture of prayer in the presence of the Holy Spirit. Women have great influence, whether it be at home or in the work place.  Yet many are struggling with self image, confidence, loving themselves and one another. In Isaiah 62:4 it says that “God delights in her” as he was referring to His people. When I read the full passage the Lord spoke  and revealed to me that this is how He sees us women, exceedingly beautiful, righteous, lovely, royal, a crown of glory and honor in the hand of the Lord. Beloved, He sees you beautiful and longs for you to do the same. It is our desire to be an instrument for the Lord to break down those barriers of fear, anxiety,and lies that the culture and media today has so engraved into our minds about what we should look like and how we should act. We will strive to do this by developing in women a desire to be in the presence of the Holy Spirit and meditate in the Word of God as we look to Him FIRST for the answers needed to life’s most difficult challenges.

Unity In Sisterhood

We welcome all women to the community, all denominations (or those who have none), all nationalities, etc. our goal is to love the way Jesus loved and give how He gave. When you enter the community at my home or via Google Plus Hangout events page under Hephzibah House of Prayer or YouTube live stream, the Sister Host will do an introduction, and  play relaxing worship music during our soaking/silent prayer time, which is a time to meditate and hear from the Lord. Fellowship which consist of delving into the Word of God, discussions and questions and answer time (while having beverages/snacks). Last section is the prayer request session, as we gather each others prayers, pray over them and write each down to petition God all week, or until we get the results we desire.


We ask that you respect each others opinion, lifestyle, etc. Be courteous, not to go to long on talking about your issue, to give everyone a chance in the discussion. Honor the host, follow her lead and instruction. Remember we all are on a different level in our prayer life and journey with God, please do not belittle anyone. Honor one another, and most of all walk in love.

Thank you,



Contact us at: (702) 748-7673

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