Community Prayer Request/Testimony Page

Post your prayer request on this page. Our prayer team will fervently pray and come in agreement with you. This page is also used for us as a community to pray for one another, please leave request or responses in reply section.  If you would like to keep your prayer private, please email us at (all emailed request will be kept private) Bless You, HHOP Team


3 thoughts on “Community Prayer Request/Testimony Page

  1. For Our Prison Ministry:

    Jon- In the name of Jesus christ our savior i pray that I feel more confident behaving Boldly in Christ, That I focus more on my purpose instead of my placement and allow God to use me for His work and not mine. That I continue to grow into the man God wants me to be and that I am able to positively impact the lives of those around me.

    Trev- I pray that the Lord continue to bless one in my endeavors to become a better servant to Him by guiding my footsteps along the path He has set for me. As well as to all of His servants may all His blessings be poured upon them.

    Derrick- In the name of Jesus Christ, I Derrick Lee Foster pray that my granddaughter Ayanna Card is healed by blood from stripes on Jesus back. The doctor said my graddaughter Ayanna may have a tumor or syst on or in her brain. I rebuke that in the name of Jesus & claim healed. Pray with me. Also pray that I, Derrick Lee Foster are honored & Delivered with freedom& released from prison this year 2013. It isn’t too late for this year.

    Pray that Kenneth Barnett, Dwight Terry, Trevor Borownlee are also delivered & honored with their freedom this year. I plead the blood of Jesus on Tamika Foster, Darlene Thompson, Lorrain Drakeford, Steven Hope all my well wishers& supporters& those praying with me. I pray for a wife & abundance of prosperity in Jesus name Amen Thank you God Jesus & holy spirit

    Bro Rod- Glory be to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ I ask for Prayer that I be reunited with my family and loved one’s with no more delay and that the Lord continue to protect all of us until we meet

    Sanders-For my children for my release in the court for a friendship with my childrens mother and for God to bless me to get my life together and to bless my loved ones
    Bother Hubbard- I would like to pray for a brother who I know who has been hit with some terrible infomation that his daughter was in a car crash this past week and the doctor claimed that his daughter is brain dead I believe thatshe is jus sleeping and our Lord and savior Jesus Christ will rise her up in Good health I ask that we come together in prayer for brother brown as he try’s to cope with this information let’s lift him his and his daughter in prayer. thank you kindly

    Steven Hope- Just 2 simple prayer request for me and mr Foster 2nd that is the Lord’s strenght. Also continue to pray for Mr. Foster’s long awaited release Thank you

    Bro Pope- Pray for me and my family Pray for the church and the brothers who sign off of service Keep me in spirit Thank you for everything u have done in my life pray for the brothers who pray over these prayers God Bless

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