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The Gift by Rosemarie Hilton (2011 archives)

A FREE gift from the Father through Christ Jesus, no strings attached.

Just say YES and RECEIVE it. No Performances or deeds, just RECEIVE.”

Like a gift that is wrapped so beautifully on Christmas morning. You look, open it and embrace it, put it on and wear it, walk in it, but know that it’s yours forever and no one can take it away.  You only can give it away, by totally rejecting it.  As you wear your gift that is free, people will want it; will ask where did you get such a wonderful gift, this gift that changed your life, your appearance, your countenance.  Then you tell them, “It’s free!

But then, others who have the gift begin to tell you now that you have this gift, you must speak this way or do this act or move in a way you’ve never experienced.  They start to warn you that you don’t truly have the gift unless you perform with your body in such a way that others can truly see how the gift works.  This causes you to deny that you have this free gift.  So you put the free gift on the shelf, because it’s too hard to work for it.

But for those who reject the gift or even receive it, by putting it on the shelf, and allow it to collect dust, mold or mildew, no one else would have the privilege to see it, it will remain in the darkness, as though it were never taken nor opened.  No one would know of this glorious gift you have, this amazing blessing! Only you would know.  And you think about it from time to time, but eventually you forget you have it, as things begin to pile upon it, covering its beauty; stress, fear, frustration, anger, anxiety.  Until one day it’s covered in darkness.

Then a small still voice speaks to you of this gift you have.  You begin to search for it, as you search you begin to hope that it’s not lost forever, this wonderful gift, as you continue to search for it the layers of darkness fall away, the fear, stress and anxiety you once known dissipates the closer you get to seeing the light of this magnificent gift.  The last layer comes off and there it is! The gift, the beautiful life giving gift you once celebrated.  You begin to tear it open, layer by layer, piece by piece.  Each step your heart flutters, you can feel the beating in your chest for the excitement is so overwhelming.  There it is! The gift, the light, the shining beautiful gift of Life.  You embrace it, you nurture it, you wear it, and you walk in it, never letting it go.  Tears stream from your eyes with joy, peace and relief.   Nothing else matters, no stress, fear, problem can penetrate, because this gift out shines them all.

Your life begins to change each day as you walk in the knowledge of this free gift.  Then one day those things that the others once spoke of begin to fall upon you like a warm cozy blanket from above, fitting perfectly.  With every encounter more gifts, different gifts begin to rise in you as you embrace them.  You desire them, you long for more of them, because you know they are your special gifts.  Not endowed upon you by man, but given from your heavenly Father, which no one can take credit for, because all praise, honor and glory you give to Him that loves you.

Written by Rosemarie Hilton (inspired by the Holy Spirit)